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R Scooter Club of Monterey County

More scooters... more scooters... more scooters.


primed strait body

black P125X in bad shape

extra parts, but still not enough to make one whole bike.

Do we really need more scooters? Probably not, but hey... it seemed like the thing to do at the time. So now we have more options and more parts to get one bike back on its feet, and maybe two bikes... maybe.

This poorly primed P body is completely strait and in good condition.

This black body is pretty bad, and we probably won't find a use for it. A nice planter perhaps.

It came with an engine that might be ok... even though it had been open to water and weather, it turns and doesn't sound like the berrings are trashed.





The engine out of the new black parts bike...

The clutch is stuck... and that is RUST that you see all over the clutch bell.

It will be ok,