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R Scooter Club of Monterey County


July 11, 1998


We ended up at the Superbike Demonstrations on Cannery Row in Monterey. Aside from R scoots there was one fella with a silver grey P Vespa... he zipped away before we could talk to him. If anybody knows who this guy is please tell us, it never hurts to try and recruit new members!

We did hang out for a bit with this nutty guy that built his dream bike out of an old moped... what can we say... this pic is worth a thousand words. He wouldn't join our club because the moped wouldn't make it up hills... that's no excuse.

 Pete makes a fine pass before the long line of parked Superbikes.

What's so super about those things anyway... scooters are cooler.




Who are these two nuts causing trouble at the Superbike nite?