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R Scooter Club of Monterey County


We meet on wednesday night around 7ish at Morgan's Coffee House in Monterey. If you see the scoots, drop in and say hello.

The R Scooter Club meeting on June 14th 2000!

Here Carlos discusses the finer points of scootering with the Cushman guys Ken and Bob.

Meanwhile, Joe reads an article from Mechanix Illustrated entitled "How to Drive a Motor Scooter"

Superbike Demos on Cannery Row July 11, 1998

Kings Classic in San Francisco August 14-16, 1998

The Cushman Club Ride Sept 12, 1998

Skutober in San Diego Sept 26-27, 1998

The Big Sur Ride Oct 18-18, 1998

BTSC Toy Run Dec 5, 1998

Amerivespa July 11, 1999

Yeah... in 2000 we started leaving the camera at home... so?